Lizzo proclaims that it is “About Damn Time” in her new video

April 21, 2022 0

Lizzo-500x281 Lizzo proclaims that it is "About Damn Time" in her new video

The rapper Lizzo released her third studio album (and her first on a major label) Cuz I Love You three years ago. It was a breakthrough album that, among its additional bonuses, featured 14 songs and contributions from Gucci Mane and Missy Elliott. It has been several years since Houston’s talents have emerged as a true music powerhouse, delivering impressive performances on large stages and rubbing shoulders with pop’s elite (ex. “Blame It on Your Love” with Charli XCX).

Earlier this summer, Lizzo returned to the spotlight with “Rumors.” The track is a collaboration with Cardi B and marks the beginning of an album campaign. Her most recent release, “About Damn Time,” was produced by Blake Slatkin and Ricky Reed and reports that the singer has been candid about the burden of being in the music business, talking about:

According to the accompanying video, Christian Breslauer, she appears to be attending a “Stressed and Sexy” support group. Sometime later, she goes for a walk and her imagination runs wild, forcing her to don a sparkly outfit and literally bringing color to the building in which she is performing.

Ahead of its July 15 release, Special’s ultimate single “About Damn Time” serves as that album’s official lead single. Besides the single, a song called “A Very Special Message From Lizzo” is also included, which showcases the work Lizzo put into her new album:

“I have been working on the album for three years and it is finally available to you. I know it has been a long time and it’s about damn time I gave it away. It’s important that you understand that I had to take my time for me as well as for you.”

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