Music Producer Dante Tweaks And His Upcoming Project, MADOFF

October 4, 2022 0
HH1987-Dante-500x281 Music Producer Dante Tweaks And His Upcoming Project, MADOFF


Music production has seen incredible amounts of change throughout the years. With the evolution of sound comes a new level of talent. Arguably, the key in creating timeless music is in the art of reintroducing old hits, by remixing them into new genres. Dante Tweaks shows mastery of this type of stellar music production and is once again refreshing the industry with his new work. 

Dante is a rapper and music producer who has been actively involved in the production of his new music video for a track entitled, MADOFF. Dante himself recorded, mixed and mastered this single along with his team over at Howell Records Studios. The filming for this video was done in New York City and it also features a very famous and well known influencer known as SPIDERCUZ. 

The music video stands out from everything else with the addition of skit-like special effects. The focus of this song is towards BAD BOY Bernie MADOFF. The music video will be released on October 11. 

Dante has always kept honesty and quality at the core of his work, and this strong work ethic reflects in his success. He has owned CT’s best quality studio ever since 2018, known as Dante Tweaks “Plug Ran Dry” on BET Jams. in addition to that, Plug Ran Dry was also an impressive #69 on the UK’s iTunes Music Charts, keeping it well within the top 100. 

In addition to making and producing music, Dante has also started his very own premier recording studio called Howell Records, where he functions as CEO. The studio is located in New Britain and plays an important role in Dante’s music production and the content he pushes out. Over here he also offers sessions starting at $50 an hour with radio ready mixing included within. 

Social media, online music platforms, and streaming platforms such as Youtube have all helped Dante build his fanbase. He has over 20.7k followers on his verified Instagram, where he keeps his followers up to date with all his latest and upcoming work. In addition to Instagram, he’s also present on Facebook. 

Dante is also doing well on Spotify and Apple Music. He’s verified on Spotify, where his fans can stream his most popular songs – Top Shotta, Static, 6 Packs, Plug Ran Dry and Been Hot. Truly a selection of crowd-favorites, with his hit song Plug Ran Dry having almost 8,000 replays on Spotify alone. He also has a radio on Spotify featuring his own music. You can also find some more of Dante’s music over on Apple Music with some songs such as Off the Bat, Rockstar, Life Amazin’ and Midnight. 

After fighting some personal problems for a year, Dante is back in the game and wants the world to witness his next production, MADOFF. When giving some advice, Dante says that we have to stay independent and never give up. In Dante’s own words, “It’s definitely going to be hard at first but when you’re behind your own music videos you call the shots.”

Dante wants to continue producing music and he looks forward to the release of his music video, MADOFF, on October 11. 

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