Pretty Money Records takes flight in 2022

March 25, 2022 0
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Photo Image Location: House of Hits Studio, Miami, Florida

The birth of a New York Empress

Real hustlers are born and not created in life. Hustlers understand the difference between risk and reward. They inhale consequences and exhale results.

Traveling the road less traveled is embraced and illuminating in darkness separates them from mere mortals. Converting thoughts within your mind into a successful reality creates legends.

Dreams fulfilled empowers the block and generates hope within dream chasers worldwide.

People live vicariously through the manifestation of another human. These people are labeled as visionaries and inspire the next generation of global leaders. Growing up black and female in America is not for the light-hearted.

Black women are the backbone of America and lead the entrepreneur race. Black women are educators, innovators, protectors, and teachers of the world’s children.

Every aspect of human society is influenced, impacted, and leveraged by women. Black women suffer in an incalculable way, and their grace is divine.

God ordained women as healers of mankind. Nothing compares to the insight, touch, and appeal of a woman. The term ‘Black Girls Rock’ is a reflection of their worldwide influence on pop culture. Black women are priceless treasures in our society and their value can’t be defined.

The rise of Pretty Money Records

Pretty Money Records, LLC is the mastermind of CEO Princess and reflects the power of modern-day women everywhere. Pretty Money Records, LLC operates on fundamental principles, raw intangibles, unshakeable loyalty, and aspirational talent. Princess embodies the aura and essence of generational leadership.

Princess’s business acumen and unique life skills enable her to reach people’s hearts and see their raw potential. Running a record label is easier said than done. Pretty Money Records, LLC provides artist management, music publishing, distribution, A&R, touring, sync licensing, and digital branding under one umbrella.

Pretty Money Records’ unconventional approach and system attract artists with an authentic hunger for success. Emerging artists embrace Pretty Money Records ‘in the trenches’ philosophy and value the ‘LA Familia’ atmosphere.

Pretty Money Records’ artist roster is growing and shining in 2022. ‘Storm V‘ and ‘Slim3y’ are two dynamic artistic souls whose future is limitless. Pretty Money Records is a women empowerment label fueled by two self-made entrepreneurs.

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