Quantum EleV8 Is Heating Up In The Rap Game

September 22, 2022 0
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Quantum EleV8

QUANTUM ELEV8 is an artist and songwriter focused on creating creative and personal music. His sound is so diverse, and it is exceptional in the way that it seamlessly combines different aesthetics.

His music is energetic at its core, but there is also a melodic element to it, which makes it stand out. His most recent release, CROWNS “A CONVERSATION WITH GOD”, is a perfect example of the melody-energy dualism that fuels QUANTUM ELEV8’s music. The song is immediately captivating due to the mesmerizing quality of the production.

The release is immersive and on point, giving the listeners a key to unlock the doorway to QUANTUM ELEV8’s musical world. You can peer deep into the artist’s heart and mind, and connect with his musical vision on a more personal level. This artist is a  bonafide hip-hop veteran: he knows what it takes to make music that has the right vibes to connect with the audience.

Still, there is something more than just rap to the artist’s music. He also managed to incorporate a huge variety of other influences to his sound, including rock and even 80s music, only to mention a few. In spite of the old-school influences, there is also a very modern element to his sound, making it feel fresh and diverse. More importantly, this new release has a very personal feel, as the artist uses music to cope with pain and emotional distress. He has sadly lost his brother, but music is a way to deal with the pain and share some of those thoughts and feelings with an audience in a more positive and constructive way.

CROWNS “A CONVERSATION WITH GOD” is a fantastic example of what QUANTUM ELEV8 can accomplish, and it is highly recommended to any fan modern hip-hop!

Find out more about QUANTUM ELEV8, and listen to CROWNS “A CONVERSATION WITH GOD”, which is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming platforms out there.


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