Shayy Soprano’s music invades POWER 102.8 Los Angeles

August 4, 2022 0
Shayy-Soprano-400x500 Shayy Soprano's music invades POWER 102.8 Los Angeles

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Living life without regret is priceless. 

The term ‘YOLO’ means ‘you only live once.  Living life on your own terms illuminates the meaning of being ‘self-made.’  Blocking out the noise and people’s self-consumed opinions is a constant battle in life.  Humans judge, slander, and speak about other people’s lives without hesitation.  It’s amazing how a complete stranger can influence another person’s ambitions via words.    

Understanding the value of your self-worth provides unmatched mental fortitude.  Nothing is more powerful or unstoppable than a qualified, confident woman.   

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Shayy Soprano is a young, fearless lioness pursuing greatness.    

‘Stay Inna Dis’ takes over POWER 102.8 Los Angeles.  

  Over the past six months, Major Recording Artist Shayy Soprano has been laser-focused on creating a multinational media empire.  Shayy Soprano’s social media engagement and growth have increased by over 30%.  Her music continues to receive critical acclaim from music executives, DJs, and power players throughout the industry.    

Shayy’s latest audio masterpiece, ‘Stay Inna Dis’ is making waves in Los Angeles, California.  POWER 102.8 Los Angeles radio programmers have locked in and fully embraced the Shayy Soprano sound.  ‘Stay Inna Dis’ is one of the most requested songs on POWER 102.8 LA (See here POWER 102.8 LOS ANGELES Listen Live – Los Angeles, United States | Online Radio Box ).  The music movement of Shayy Soprano is now activated on the West Coast and worldwide.    

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