The Life Of Upcoming Artist SwipeFye

December 2, 2022 0

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Hip-hop music has taken the world by storm. Shortly after its initial introduction, it quickly became a phenomenon that’s still loved and respected even today. Seeing how popular most rappers are with their fancy cars and wealthy mansions, surely many people feel inspired and interested in jumping into the industry. Although let’s be real here, in order to succeed, you need to be talented with the flow.

Rap is a powerful form of music, it consists of human emotions, the ever-changing feelings, and sometimes, it focuses on social issues around us. It’s bold, strong, and complex. From lighthearted jokes to violent urban struggles, rap catches up on anything. And that’s the reason why rapping isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t work on fame alone.

With respect and focus on creating the big pieces, one may have a chance to make the right path and connections and, finally, win the big games. Many have failed the competition, while others are still trying their best to survive. And one of them is Swipe Fye.

To try to make his fortune as a rapper, Swipe Fye is still trying to reach his goal desperately. Through multiple platforms, he tried to be connected with others via his songs. 

Nothing much to say about Swipe Fye except he’s a talented rapper. Although the name is a bit underrated, he successfully managed to create three songs within the same year.

Swipe Fye was born in Dunkirk, New York. And as so many artists do, Swipe Fye also has his special inspiration, which is none other than his big brother. Looking up to him, he wanted to be a renowned rapper, creating songs that are highly focused on life’s struggles and the will to live. 

And inspired by other popular rappers who want to highlight social issues, Swipe Fye seems to aim for the same thing. At first, he created Down Bad, which highlights his life struggles. Then, It’s Gonna Be Okay was produced, a song that might be reassurance for people with a difficult life. And well, the last song is quite self-explanatory. 

Although the journey wasn’t easy, he decided to be serious about making songs in the last two years. Thanks to his strong will and determination, he created three songs: Down Bad, It’s Gonna Be Okay, and his last hit, (Oh Shit) He Did It. All of his songs are already available on the most popular music streaming services, including YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Like most rappers who started from the bottom, Swipe Fye is also inspired to be one of the best rappers the world knows by leaving his best impression on his fellow musicians and others around him. 

When asked about the future, he already has a great plan. After creating his latest song, (Oh Shit), He Did It, he’s still accompanied by more upcoming projects in the next year. 2023 will be a busy year for him, and let us hope for some great music in the future.

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