Waist Trainer of Cardi B Made Her Marge Simpson Costume A Viral Hit

December 27, 2022 0

AnyConv.com__cardib-401x500 Waist Trainer of Cardi B Made Her Marge Simpson Costume A Viral Hit

Rapper Cardi B has indeed established herself as a music icon. She is just a little behind in achieving the same status in the fashion world. This past Halloween, the “Money” singer channelled a seriously sexy Marge Simpson that social media couldn’t get enough of.

In her first set of Instagram (@iamcardib) images, the artist dons head-to-toe yellow-gold body paint. This is reminiscent of the Marge we know and love, complete with a sky-high blue beehive, matching blue eyeshadow, and chunky red bead necklace.

Cardi B took a little creative licensing for the rest of the costume. Rather than a strapless mid-length dress, the curvy singer is rocking a skin-tight, pale green corset that puts her cleavage front and center. The high cut of the garment, which is probably a waist trainer for weight loss,  makes the 5’3” rapper’s legs look exponentially longer.  And the towering red platform pumps add to the effect.

Set in a purple-walled, Simpsons-themed room, Cardi B recreates Marge’s domestic chores by dusting a Grammy on the end table. Note that this is just the first set of cosplay pics. The next takes eclectic haute couture to a new level.

The late French fashion icon Thierry Mugler once offered his own take on Marge Simpson. This risqué vision of the beloved housewife featured her decked out in a long-sleeve black and white dress with a matching capelet. The glamourous concept takes a turn when one sees the entirely open backside, putting Marge’s rear on full display.

Cardi B brought the look to life. In a perfect replica of Mugler’s vision, she is wearing the unique dress he designed in luxe black velvet and white satin. She is striking the same pose, albeit with her tongue sticking out. The detail is perfect down to the companion caplet and cutout, putting Cardi’s derriere on display. And yes, it is painted yellow.

Sadly, the fun and smiles were replaced by tragedy just a few hours later. Cardi B is married to fellow rapper Offset, a member of the trio Migos. A family hip-hop group; the other members were Quavo and Takeoff. The latter was the nephew of Quavo and cousin to Offset.

In the early morning hours of November 1, Takeoff and Quavo were at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas, when a fight broke out, and shots were fired. 28-year-old Takeoff, though an innocent bystander, was killed while his uncle was arguing with another guest at the venue.

Video footage cannot clearly identify the shooter, and there are no suspects in the case.

Cardi B and her husband attended the young rapper’s wake on Thursday, November 10. The following weekend, she wrote a heartfelt tribute to Takeoff. She called the pain of losing him “incomparable” and mentioned his “remarkable talent” in her statement.

On November 21, she resurfaced in Cardi B style, just nine days after Takeoff’s funeral. Making a surprise appearance at the American Music Awards, the singer put on a show-stopping performance with GloRilla as the ladies performed their collab track “Tomorrow 2”.

While no one would have blamed Cardi B for skipping the event, she stole it instead. After all, the show must go on.

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