What Role Does Weed Play in HIP HOP Culture?

March 30, 2022 0

pexels-photo-7668056 What Role Does Weed Play in HIP HOP Culture?

Hip hop culture’s impact on pop culture is not straightforward to understate while weed does play a majestic and cornerstone role in hip-hop unrepentant culture. Since antiquity, there has always been a strong love match between cannabis and rappers. Weed is known for various slang epithets: pot, cannabis, dry herb, ganja, and marijuana. Back in the days, what time the world was like cloak-and-dagger toward marijuana or cannabis use. Now, this is the hottest topic and becoming headlines that are flattering the over-saturated hip-hop artists to get into or start the weed business.

History Of Weed & Hip-Hop Culture

Let’s go back to 1992 when Dr. Dre did release a comprehensive album, “The Chronic,” having euphemism for dry herb and marijuana strain. It is stated that this album in the US crossed the sales of 6 million-plus. However, rappers in their rap songs are gaining popularity via writing about Weed in storytelling. Plus, making it easier for others to do business with various kinds of cannabis plants.

But now, the situation is far different, owing to many rappers are jumping into talk of cannabis irrespective of law, feeling more comfortable mentioning cannabis use in hip-hop music. The cannabis industry got a big change owing to rappers, artists, and celebrities bringing and highlighting the “pot-smoking” patrons to their mainstreams. Currently, it’s occasional in hip-hop culture not to overhear the marijuana reference within song lyrics. Most rappers create awareness about the cannabis business and show how significant and obligatory it is. In addition, to assisting in the legalization of cannabis. Undoubtedly, hip-hop culture has been playing a remarkable role in the legitimacy of marijuana use globally.

How is Weed Helping Rappers to Make Big Money?

Herb provides business opportunities to hip-hop culture, and both are interlacing in additional ways. Day by day, they are becoming brands, ambassadors, especially vaping. So, many artists praise the dry herb in embracing songs despite the political fight for its legalization. 

Some rappers adore cannabis and have opened their cannabis brands and legally sold Weed; Chainz, Snoop Dogg, JAY-Z, Kurupt, Lil Wayne, Berner, Master P, B-Real Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA, Wiz Khalifa, Dizzy Wright, and RiFF RaFF. Snoop Dogg is a legend for smoking cannabis as well as for rap music too. That’s no wonder he has a strong dedication to weed, plus does a particular pot line, i.e., “dubbed Leafs” by Snoop. Did you hear about Moonrocks? Kurupt is the owner of Moonrock, which is called a most passionate and wanted dry herb. On balance, this kind of business approach in hip-hop culture is mostly used in the case of vaporizers promotion using connotation. Sometimes, famous rappers collaborate with well-known vaping companies that deepen the cooperation instead of promoting their cannabis brands.

Why Does A Musician Smoke Dry Herb – What Role Does Weed Play? 

Well! Everyone knows producing music is not so easy-peasy. So here comes the cannabis to comfort the hip-hop culture with its emotional synchronizing and concentrating ability. That’s why weed advocates prefer cannabis vaporizers instead of using coke and anything else to act thoughtfully and soberly from various perspectives while creating music. No wonder rappers within the rap community are generally grown with concentrate vaporizers or vape pens for herb smoking.

There are infinite places where it’s legal to vape and where so many weeds products are sold online, such as Vape4ever — This is a more accepted head shop where the best vape pens, vaporizers, dry herb, weed pens, cartridges are available. Additionally, hip-hop artists are endorsing that vaping product, which looks so cool and suits the hip-hop culture a lot. Moreover, rappers love vape products and are counted in as a crucial part of their day-to-day lives.

Effects of Cannabis Herb on Rappers’ Performance

Cannabis is acknowledged as perfecting creative thoughts or improving thinking skills. Rapping has two main steps, firstly writing and secondly recording. Loads of power and energy are required to tackle and utilize all innovative ideas, especially in writing rap songs for better results. Furthermore, rappers are perceiving grave benefits during rapping performance from herb use.

Let’s paint pictures; here are some well-known marijuana strains such as Trainwreck, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Amnesia Haze backing up in advancing creativity. Peradventure, you have noticed or heard about rappers’ rumors, vaping stories, or even watched them in videos. In contrast, they consume cannabis by vapes or weed vaporizers during performing for creativity enhancement and energy.

Let’s get into the second crucial step of rapping, i.e., rap recording, which demands more focus and brings rap beat speed and punchlines into the line. Consequently, cannabis use, especially dry herb vaporizers, let the rappers record rap songs in the studio or at home with full emotions. Since they feel more focused on driving the rapping performance with many emotions. The rappers don’t need to worry about other people’s opinions on their performance or song lyrics.

Irvin Rosenfeld is a live example who used to smoke weed more than anyone else worldwide. He was a patient of “multiple exostoses,”; suffering from painful bones tumors. Irvin said, “weed coped him perform various tasks while sitting down even for a long time without experiencing pain and had never lost the focus.”

Social Perception About Consuming Weed & Rappers

Undoubtedly, in today’s era, the audience judges rappers negatively for smoking cannabis, especially the number of teenagers who adore hip-hop culture and raps. Indeed, CBD status is legal in athwart of the US. In comparison, cannabis legitimacy status is under federal law restrictions; that is why this is considered illegitimate in most states. Legalize it is nominated as the top weed theme song, which Peter Tosh sang in 1976, and its rhyme was “What could be I without herb; what is herb without me?” and then he said, “I’m gonna call, Legalize It.” However, some celebrities don’t smoke in front of the audience so openly as others do through blunts or joints. Therefore, they use and prefer vape pens because they are so pocket-friendly and can vape without facing any negative influence from the public.

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