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September 23, 2022 0

Building companies is a journey of falling down seven times but getting up eight. Ultimately, getting up is a simple way of building consistency, believing in your dreams and having clear goals in mind. To provide a little insight into the power & potential of dreams to create success, let’s look back one year ago.
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Adam Kelman, CEO of 5Star Dynasty Visions, got to know an American entrepreneur and artist by the name of Alpha23 from Atlanta Georgia. When they met, Alpha23 introduced him to a company that was one of the biggest promotions platforms in America. Adam joined that company and became an account manager. While there, he helped dozens of artists, models and entrepreneurs promote and market themselves, and eventually branched out into the Spanish and Latin music and entrepreneurship market.

Over a short period, both Alpha23 and Adam started their own businesses, each focused in a different area of marketing, which allowed them to send clients to one other. Based on the mutual benefits of their collaborations, they decided to partner more officially and combine their respective resources, targeting Western Europe and North America.

5Star Dynasty Visions’ contributions came in the form of engagement groups on Instagram and Telegram; with hundreds of clients from artists, fitness coaches, verified models and many more. In addition, Adam connected with a close friend in Bali, who is the co-owner of the biggest clubs and festivals in the country; someone who frequently has tens of thousands of people at his parties and the biggest Asian artists on his stages.

Fast forward to today, expanding on this relationship, the go forward focus for 5Star Dynasty Visions is collaborating with Asian artists, from Bali & South Korea, and, in the future, signing groups to Adam’s Supreme Record Label. As he has in the past, he will connect them to the services of Alpha23 & YourAdamSocial.com for their Social Media Growth platform and Adam 4 Artists for press & blog releases.

Through these actions, they are growing a community within a community and making a bigger network in Europe, North America & South America; while simultaneously setting up their contacts in Asia. By providing services globally and thinking outside the box, their collaboration has proven that it is going to be a massive success.
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YourADAMSocial.com has great resources in the form of their growth services for Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Youtube and Facebook. In addition, two of the best selling services to 5Star clients are press releases & blog posts via Adam 4 Artists. These services give artists, record labels, models & entrepreneurs a loud voice in magazines & Google Press.

There is no doubt that combining these services, and through their actions, the two amazing entrepreneurs will became, “The Corner Boyz With The Corner Offices”… *Jay-Z voice*.

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