How Long Will A Disposable Vape Last?

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00juul-02-promo-superJumbo-v2 How Long Will A Disposable Vape Last?

The burgeoning popularity of disposable vape pens and their eclectic options often raise the question of “how long will a disposable vape last?”

As a novice vaper, this question may linger in your mind; however, unfortunately, the answer to this question is not short and sweet. Numerous factors describe the longevity of a vape pen.

What is the Longevity of a Disposable Vape Pen?

The disposable vape pen’s longevity relies on the tank capacity, the type of disposable vape you are using, and the battery. But the most appropriate way to estimate the device’s lastingness is to count the number of puffs.

The puff count is crucial, no matter which battery power or flavor profile you select. These vaping devices have an estimated puff count and not the exact number because it may waver due to several underlying factors.

Factors Affecting Disposable Vape Puff Counts

The disposable vapes usually indicate the puff counts that one can enjoy, and they typically last between 300 and 5000 puffs or maybe even more, depending on the device you are using. For vapers looking for a vape with a greater puff count, the Funky Republic Ti7000 exceeds expectations with approximately 7000 puffs.

But the number of puff counts may vary due to a myriad of factors. These are as follows:

Eyeball the Temperature

Mostly all disposable vapes have a set temperature that you can alter. High-temperature settings may seem appealing to several vape lovers, but keep in mind that the maximum temperature settings can burn your device’s coil pretty quickly.

Thus, reducing the lifespan of your disposable vaping device. Therefore, ensure not to burn out your coils; otherwise, you will have to discard your vaping device.

Vape Battery

The vape batteries are the essence and the crux that make the puff stick work, and it is a crucial factor to consider if you want to determine your disposable vape pen’s durability. Since it is disposable, it means that you can’t charge it. Once the battery ends, your device will no longer function.

Several top-notch brands usually mention their calculated vape pen batteries. Moreover, brands like Geek Bars, Hyde, and Esco Bars have launched their disposable products with rechargeable functions and high puff counts.

These unconventional features only make the disposable vapes last long for unceasing enjoyment.

In most cases of trashy or conventional vape pens, their e-liquid dries out before their battery life. Therefore, it is essential to research and isolate those exceptional vape brands that offer top-tier batteries that do not run out of charge before the e-liquid.

Proper Storage for Maximum Usage

Is it a new pointer that you stumbled across today? Many vaping enthusiasts do not know about this, but proper storage of disposable vapes is mandatory. Proper storage generally increases the device’s endurance and prolongs battery life.

So which temperature is the most suitable? The room temperature is the best. If stored at a lower temperature, it will take more power and time to heat the device.

Moreover, if you can’t store your disposable vaping device at room temperature, hold your puff bar in your hands for a couple of minutes to help it warm up a little. Then, turn it on to begin vaping.

Puff Inhalation Length

Do you inhale long, deeper puffs? Then, it will inevitably reduce your puff count, hence, decreasing your disposable vape’s longevity. The more deeply you inhale the vapors, the more e-juice you use.

Therefore, the best practice is to find the perfect balance between the length at which you inhale the puffs and the vaping frequency because it will help you use your disposable vape for an extended period.

That is why modest vapor fully utilizes and enjoys its vaping sessions for a pretty long time than frequent vapers. So which one are you, a modest or a frequent vaper?

Disposable Vape Pen Types

Lastly, your disposable vaping device’s life also relies on the kind of vaporizer you own. There are limited categories, so picking one is not at all challenging.

Single-fill Disposable Pens

If you are a newbie and have an itch to try out the most uncomplicated vape pen, this is the device you should go for. These devices are usually filled in advance with e-juice and are pre-charged. Thus, eliminating all the worries of filling or refueling up the vape pen.

These disposable pens are available in various delectable flavors and potencies and generally last for twenty-four to seventy-two hours (1-3 days), depending on how much you vape.

Refillable Disposable Vape Pens

This should be your go-to option if you want a slightly more advanced vape pen. These disposable devices have around 6ml of e-juice capacity and can provide 200 puffs depending on the drawing technique.

Although these pens are refillable, they are non-rechargeable. That is why you have to keep a close eye on how you use your battery so that it may last for an extended period.

Refillable Rechargeable Disposable Pens

These disposable pens are pretty popular these days because they are straightforward to use, convenient, require minimal to no cleaning and maintenance, and can be recharged and refilled.

These products are perfect for a true connoisseur because they come with large quantities of e-juice, have a great battery life, and offer a much greater puff count.

Thus, they aim to provide a better vaping experience, plus they are considerably more economical and sustainable.

Puff Counts Determine Longevity!

Puff counts play a significant role when using your disposable vape pens. The wavering and inconstant amount of puff count you get from a disposable vaping device is because it gets affected by numerous factors mentioned earlier.

The way you store your disposable vape, the temperature at which you use it, its battery, and whether you blow out short or long puffs all affect the puff counts, thus, impacting the disposable vape pen’s longevity.

However, there is no specific answer to the question as to how long the disposable vape pens will last, i.e., weeks or months. Why?

Because in the end, it all depends on the type of disposable vaping device you are using, how frequently you vape, how often you refill the device, and whether you are spending on high-quality or low-quality ones.

So we hope you got your answer to your query! 

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