Sir Polar Bear introduces his unparalleled sound with HIPHOPSINCE1987

January 8, 2022 0

Pursuing supreme being

Sir Polar Bear understands the danger and risks of pursuing a “supreme being” in life. Traveling through tunnels of darkness and becoming your own light is designed for everyone. People naturally search and lean on crutches for support in life. Enduring the pain of destiny is incalculable and pushes the mental boundaries of mere mortals.

In order to reach a “supreme being,” a person must commit beyond conventional wisdom and create a one-of-one vision. Seeing something only you can see is considered “crazy” by the masses. Born visionaries are crazy, genius, and fearless.

Sir Polar Bear sees no limits in 2022

Sir Polar Bear is half human and half machine. Every aspect, component, fabric, and texture of Sir Polar Bear is an unparalleled experience. Sir Polar Bear’s musical vision paints vivid images of passion, erotica, opulence, indescribable pain, pulsating overtones of creative power, and aspiration.

Sir Polar Bear’s sound, lyrical content, live performance skillset, and natural-born magnetic energy is incomparable. Sir Polar Bear’s multi-diverse music catalog has generated fans worldwide, expanding across multiple continents.

Sir Polar Bear’s management team and multimedia company aligned creative forces with RADIOPUSHERS and MUSICHYPEBEAST in late 2021. RADIOPUSHERS engineers game-changing human-growth music monetization platforms.

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