WrightWayJay focuses on legacy and his last name in 2022

August 5, 2022 0

Legacy is more powerful than money.

Creating a successful legacy enables a person’s last name to live forever. Legacies represent a family’s life values’ blood, sweat, and tears. Having a long-standing legacy means hustling for your last name and not your first.

Every decision made is based upon the future and not the present. When people speak of your name, it resonates with greatness and supreme excellence. A legacy validates the vision of a person’s dream.

People seeking generational wealth and empowerment optimize every potential opportunity.

Major Recording Artist/Multi-Platform Entrepreneur WrightWayJay understands the value and heritage of his last name. WrightWayJay’s family instilled within him the supreme monetary worth of building an honorable reputation.

WrightWayJay understands time is worth more than money.

WrightWayJay’s life journey always included the highway of Hip-Hop. Lyrically, WrightWayJay was an innate storyteller. His idiosyncratic vision and undeniable work ethic elevate his artform to exceptional levels in music.

Launching a progressive multimedia company in the COVID era is not for the faint-hearted. Especially when it’s your own money taking all the risks. WrightWayJay knows the only way to secure his legacy is to bet on himself. WrightWayJay’s company entered a calculated performance-based music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in 2022.

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