How to promote a TikTok channel from scratch

September 12, 2022 0

tik-tok-1068x1068-1-500x500 How to promote a TikTok channel from scratch

Throughout 2022, TikTok continues to rapidly gain momentum. It used to be considered a place for teenagers who only consume entertainment content, but now more entrepreneurs and informative bloggers are trying to get there. Today we will talk about how to promote your channel from scratch.

Correct channel design

The first thing a user sees when they visit your channel is its design. The first impression is extremely important because it happens only once and is stored in memory forever. If new guests immediately like how your channel looks, then you will have a chance to get recommended faster.

It is also an important indicator for manual promotion. When you turn to services like Viplikes to increase your audience quickly and inexpensively, you get a lot of new viewers. It is very important that they like your account and that they are interested in your channel.

Content creation

Even though this platform seems to be completely free to express yourself, there are a lot of rules you need to follow when filming and posting content. First of all, it concerns the video format. Make sure that its resolution, duration and weight comply with the rules of the social network.

Don’t forget to use the montage tools offered by TikTok or other apps. So you can make high-quality videos with beautiful transitions and effects. If your video is longer than a minute, then consider how to break it into several parts in order to get a lot of views on each of them.

Building an advertising strategy

One of the most important tasks when working with a channel is building an advertising strategy. In order to effectively set up advertising, you need to understand who your target audience is, what their interests and characteristics are, and think over creatives.

This method may be less efficient than accessing special services such as Soclikes. This is due to the fact that when ordering promotion on such a service, you get a guarantee that the number of your viewers will increase. In the case of advertising, failure can happen. However, you should try all possible methods.

You are given the opportunity to use both advertising on the platform and in the format of cooperation with other creators. But be careful with such cooperation because there is a risk that the blogger is not particularly interesting to his audience and his viewers will not actively come to you. Choose channels with high subscriber activity.

Explore platform changes

In 2022, it is very important to follow all the social media updates if you want to develop in them. Read articles about TikTok innovations, new formats and algorithm updates. This will help you quickly adapt to new conditions and be in trend.

Also, pay attention to what is popular with the global audience at the moment. You need to try to make relevant content that will quickly gain a lot of views. This is only possible with careful study of trending videos.


TikTok is a place where everyone can become famous now. It is up to you to work hard on content and promotion, so you can monetize your work and gain popularity. The main thing is to pay attention to the design of the channel, correctly set up advertising and always be aware of the latest platform events.

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