The Cambodian Hercules

June 26, 2022 0

Meet VIN VITOU, a KlapYaHandz artist from Cambodia who will be featured on our Week Eight SoundSplash Drop!

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VIN VITOU is a 26-year-old singer, songwriter and rapper from Phnom Penh. At age 13, he joined the break dance organization “Tinytoones” and he worked there as a dance instructor from 2009 to 2013. He took a break from dancing to practice singing and songwriting. VIN VITOU is currently one of the up and coming hip hop/rap artist and Vloggers, covering subjects from Music, to Gaming to Social events and News. VIN VITOU has joined KlapYaHandz in early 2017 after its founder noticed one of his video on Youtube.

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As we do each week, Splash Passes are available up until 2 hours before the drop and give you access to the earliest Generation NFTs for only 5 $NEAR.


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Our Fundraiser is LIVE for the next couple of days. You can read more and support our efforts by checking out our previous post with all the details here

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Community Partner

The awesome team at MetaPool have been putting in work for a while now and after building a liquid staking protocol on NEAR, they have now ventured out into Yield Staking through Meta Yield. We’re happy to have them on board as our community partner for Week Eight and also to be a part of their newest venture!

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Experience The Drop

Have you been enjoying our Metaverse event series so far? We have! You can experience the drop for Week Eight with Vin Vitou and KlapYaHandz from Cambodia inside our virtual venues as well as support the artist by purchasing an NFT! We also have with us this week DJ Kenny Chase!

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June 29th 2022
7:30AM EST / 7:30PM KL & 6:30PM Cambodia

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Got an ETH wallet? Head to the DAOrecords HQ inside Cryptovoxels to experience the drop LIVE!

Got a NEAR wallet? Join us in Reality Chain’s 2DVerse, where the mobile experience is the perfect solution!

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