A Quick Chat with DJ Diamond Kuts

September 8, 2023 0
Screenshot-2023-09-05-190316-500x331 A Quick Chat with DJ Diamond Kuts

The crowd is on fire as DJ Diamond Kuts heats up the All Spice World Dance Floor

Written by Siani Leigh

Trailblazing the path for women DJs, Diamond Kuts kicked it with us for a bit and shared some gems. DJ Diamond Kuts is the first woman to have a mix-show slot on Philadelphia radio. She continuously sets the standard for camaraderie amongst peers and inspires the masses. We caught up with the legend at All Spice World Dance in the sleek, Cigar Code Lounge nestled inside of ROAR.

How are you, how does it feel!? Amani asked, speaking in terms of Diamond Kuts’ illustrious career.

I feel good. I feel blessed to do what I love. I DJ everyday…and I’m just blessed and happy to be able to do that. A lot of people can’t live out their dream so I don’t take it for granted.

I always watch your videos and I see your son. Does he want to DJ?

I hope he does sooner or later!” Kuts confessed. “Right now, he shows a little interest but, we’ll see what happens.”

How does it feel to represent women DJs?

“It feels good! As long as we continue to come together and hold each other down we’ll be unstoppable.”

What’s your favorite genre of music to DJ?

Club Music duhhh” she said jokingly. “Jersey Club Music, Philly Club Music, Baltimore Club Music….give it all to me!” Amani added, “I feel like you can do anything.” And Kuts agreed and continued. “For sure I play everything, I play EDM, Pop Music, Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Country…I play everything.” Amani intercepted that thought, “COUNTRY?!” She shrieked. She then challenged Diamond Kuts to a Country artist pop quiz.

We all laughed and Kuts continued “Shout out to my photographer Chakhie he knows, we listen to Country Music. When I’m not DJing or doing radio, I’m listening to old Country Music or old Pop Music. Is it cap?” She grinned and Chakhie backed up her word.

She promised us a special “CountrySince1987” mix and said we better post it! She added, “To anybody listening, if you have a genre of music, you want me to DJ, tell me and I will play that!

DJ Diamond Kuts is a staple in Philadelphia and far beyond. She carries the torch for DJs industry-wide.

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