A Cutting Slice of Contemporary Hip-Hop, Thurl Kid Gives off Chief Keef Vibes on “Talk.” 

July 18, 2023 0

Screenshot-2023-07-18-at-10.54.37-AM A Cutting Slice of Contemporary Hip-Hop, Thurl Kid Gives off Chief Keef Vibes on “Talk.” 

Thurl Kid is an up-and-coming artist taking the music scene by storm. Based out of Memphis, TN, Thurl Kid has been making music since he was 10. However, he put his music dreams on hold to pursue a career in sports. When he went to college in 2018, he picked up music again and started to take it seriously.

Thurl Kid’s passion and dedication to his craft are evident in his music. His first album, “Still Thurl,” was recorded on iPhone headphones and GarageBand and was released in January 2021. Since then, he has upgraded his equipment and recorded two EPs, “Chrome Heart” and “I’m Thurl 2.”

Thurl Kid’s mix of melodic sounds and dark, grimy trap beats create a unique sound that sets him apart from other artists in the industry. His music is raw and authentic, and it reflects his life experiences.

Thurl Kid utilizes a tremendously joyful attitude on the geometric “Talk.” With nods toward current greats like Future, Young Thug, and Money Man, among others, Thurl Kid makes sure to round off a tight track with such happiness. Melodically the song has a video-game quality, with the chords rattling through, resulting in a dazzling display. The song has this sense of intimacy in many ways, as a hang-out vibe ties the track together. Beats go for this clean, crisp approach, with the poppy aspect of the piece undeniable. With the quick jump into the sound, there’s a daydream quality to it, the way that an afternoon can escape from somebody in the best possible way. 

Everything starts immediately. No evolution or buildup is required; he gets into the mix with a celebratory mood. An energetic amount of power helps to pull the sound forward. These are small moments, and he emphasizes the importance of togetherness. Lots of the work feels excellent, as this swirling aspect of the melody gives it a little ambiance. Word choice pops, and there is a speed with which the track covers. His flow is pure fire here, burning through the entirety with an inspirational ode. The piece works out for the final stretch into a burst of energy before the track fades. 

On “Talk,” Thurl Kid delivers a series of feelings straight from the heart, getting vulnerable with the listener. 

Talk – song, and lyrics by Thurl Kid | Spotify 

In light of Thurl’s recent music releases, it is evident that the artist has set a high bar for musical innovation and creativity. With the upcoming album, 2oo 3url, Thurl has once again proved to be a master of his craft, delivering an eclectic mix of songs that showcase his versatility and artistry, and one can only surmise that this release will undoubtedly solidify Thurl’s position as a trailblazer in the music industry.

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