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Agon is a very humble and hard-working rap artist, who is quickly redefining the way he approaches music. With every new release, he takes an opportunity to explore new ideas and push the boundaries to the next level.

“Memories” in particular, feels like a significant step forward for Agon. The artist went on to feature some exciting modern influences, exploring styles as diverse as melodic rap, trap, cloud rap, and even some old-school vibes for good measure. More importantly, one of Agon’s absolute trademarks in music has always been his innate ability to connect with the audience via his genuine passion. Agon has a deep passion for creating music that seamlessly explores a huge variety of influences, while still focusing on being very true and honest in terms of songwriting. Agon has always been on a mission to redefine what hip-hop music could be all about in terms of expressing something deeper and giving people some true content that goes beyond surface level entertainment. Ultimately, what makes this release quite special is the fact that it really demonstrates a development in Agon’s music, as well as his commitment to keep writing excellent and relatable music that is always desired.

This is definitely something for you to check out if you enjoy the works of artists such as XXXTENTACION, Eminem, Juice WRLD, and Lil Uzi Vert! Much like the aforementioned talents, Agon is a true innovator who truly aims to inspire others and leave a well-defined mark on the music scene with his fantastic mind.

Learn more about Agon, and do not miss out on “Memories”. This song is going to be featured in the upcoming full-length studio album. The artist is currently working to finalize this release, and there are many exciting news from him to be expected soon!

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