Brent Faiyaz Presents Cinematic Music Video For “JACKIE BROWN”

August 19, 2023 0

unnamed-3-500x275 Brent Faiyaz Presents Cinematic Music Video For “JACKIE BROWN”

Taking flight higher than ever, multiplatinum R&B iconoclast, style icon, and entrepreneur Brent Faiyaz presents a blockbuster superfly music video for his song “Jackie Brown” today. Watch HERE. It graces the tracklisting of his most recent chart-topping album, WASTELAND—out now.

The clip channels the aesthetic and spirit of the 1997 Quentin Tarantino classic flick of the same name, as it opens with Brent on a plane. After cruising through the clouds, he visits the salon, hits the high seas on a yacht, tries on tailored fits, and enjoys a dinner surrounded by friends. These vibrant vignettes melt into one another, matching his smooth cadence. Simultaneously, he spikes the vibe with fluttering falsetto. At one point, he makes an offer impossible to refuse, “Will you be my leading lady?” 

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