JonRah Connects with Nvious and Rated Royal on “Power & Product”

June 2, 2023 0

jonrah JonRah Connects with Nvious and Rated Royal on “Power & Product”

JonRah is a Puerto Rico born, Pennsylvania raised hip-hop artist started his endeavor in music at age 17. He was very avid, writing in every single one of his classes, during homework, school, before resting, after waking up, constantly developing his skills. Dropping tracks and remixes on SoundCloud at first until he interned at a studio to develop and better facilitate production to become self-relying for his music as well as learn the music business.

Raised on East and West Coast rap, JonRah has a wide variety of influences and inspirations starting from top lyricists in the game like Eminem, late group Slaughter House, Nas, Kendrick Lamar are just a few artists. Studying the greats, JonRah was able to mold his own style. JonRah doesn’t always put his life on the line musically but when he does it’s something of a spectacle from being a mostly lyrical ‘killer’ to evolving his sound over the years. He is a father, trying to give his son a life he never had using his musical talents.

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