Milwaukee Artist June off 35th Is Set To Release A New Project Soon

May 31, 2023 0

Milwaukee’s music scene is about to be ignited with the upcoming release of June off 35th‘s highly anticipated new project “J35 Vol. 1”. Born in Chicago and raised in Milwaukee, June off 35th’s journey through music has been influenced by his diverse background and experiences. With a unique blend of raw talent, captivating storytelling, and a hunger for artistic expression, he is set to make a lasting impact with his forthcoming project.

The upcoming release, “J35 Vol. 1”, plans to be a tantalizing glimpse into June off 35th‘s versatility as an artist. With a wide range of styles and beats, the project will serve as a warm-up round, a teaser that sets the stage for the explosive creativity yet to come. June off 35th’s ability to switch flow patterns, experiment with different styles, and infuse his music with spontaneity and intrigue sets him apart from the crowd.

Stay tuned as June off 35th prepares to unveil his latest project, promising an immersive musical experience that will leave listeners hungry for more. With his talent, passion, and commitment to his craft, June off 35th is set to make his mark in the music industry and solidify his position as one of Milwaukee’s brightest stars.

In the meantime check out the music video for his latest song “BAD GUY” below:


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