Torae and Marco Polo Drop “Midnight Run” Album

September 25, 2023 0

unnamed-1-2-3-500x500 Torae and Marco Polo Drop "Midnight Run" Album

Torae and Marco Polo have released their 10-song collection, Midnight Run

The project takes fans on a trip filled with heavy-hitting beats and effortless flows. Their leading single “The Return,” featured on BET and more, gave fans a sneak peek of how the song was made on their respective ends in their “In The Lab” YouTube series.

The entire project engulfs listeners in the essence of New York grit and tenacity. The intro “Reloaded” sets the tone.. “The Return,” explains to listeners when Torae’s love for music started. He humbly expresses that he’s not some average Joe, but that he takes pride in making good music. “In 2009 we dropped the hardest shit you ever heard, real rap, spit facts in every word.”

Torae’s flow is unapologetically brash and his certainty is felt in his rhymes and metaphors. In the song “Oh No,” he conveys that he will always bet on himself when it comes to music, even when others doubt.

“When you see me, you see the real, rawness, empowerment, and lyrical skills,” Torae says in “Grey Sheep.” He talks about how he will last in the hip-hop industry because of lyricism. Torae breaks down the notion of rappers making fast money by recycling flows, but lacking the substance to last in the game. 

Producer Marco Polo does a commendable job creating beats that embody and complement Torae’s sound. The themes of dignity, empowerment, and self-motivation are found throughout the album. Midnight Run gives their listeners exactly what they have been waiting for. The album is out on all streaming platforms. Both of them can be found on Instagram @torae and @marcopolobeats 

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