Baby Slvett: The 27-year-old rap artist who calls herself the best

April 19, 2024 0

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Baby Slvett says it best: “I’m the best.” She likes to categorize herself as the best, and the meaning of these words means she is a champion. She is known for saying this, and she even wears a chain that says the best that she wears all the time, other than the Slvett chain that she wears. Slvett has always had a thing for music and becoming a musical artist. Reading about her in publications has made it clear that she started out wanting to be a singer but later decided to become a rap artist. I know that she likes to freestyle rap and make beats, but this could be why she really likes to call herself the best. The reason could be that she has a talent when it comes to music and has always wanted to be the best, but has never really gotten the chance until now.

Baby Slvett basically has the rap world wrapped around her finger and is not letting it go. She is not only a rap artist, but she also loves high fashion and design. Learning that Baby Slvett knows how to design clothing and was originally supposed to go to fashion design school after high school was all so very interesting. She was originally going to major in design after high school and was planning to attend college in Paris, France, or Beverly Hills, CA. The reason Slvett didn’t go to school for fashion design was because she found an interest in makeup.

Slvett must have wanted to do a lot of different things in college after high school, but she never really knew what she wanted to do. Even though she had been interested in rap since high school, she wasn’t sure if it was ideal for her age. Slvett is 27 now and has been bragging about how 2024 is going to be her best musical year to jumpstart her rap career. Baby Slvett is turning 28 soon and is more tuned into her music and how she’s the best than her age.

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