Baby Slvett wants the world to learn her name.

May 29, 2024 0

WhatsApp-Image-2024-06-18-at-3.52.18-PM-375x500 Baby Slvett wants the world to learn her name.

Baby Slvett wants to express herself through her raps and draw people in. She is very drawn to building a profile for herself, especially when it comes to work. Working as a rapper is something that Baby Slvett has always been fond of doing. She doesn’t just want fans to listen to her rap music; she wants them to be able to connect themselves to her lyrics. Baby Slvett would not say that all of her songs are going to be relatable on a personal level, but she wants them to be as relatable as possible. Slvett wants fans to support her rap career and learn her rap name. She isn’t shy  when it comes to putting her name out in the world, so she wants to utilize her confidence and make it a priority.

Baby Slvett is aware that music will be her best friend, but at the same time, she wants to draw the attention of others. She wants her rap music to be relevant to people who have not really been around rap and wants to lure them in. Before rapping, she was and still is a huge fan of pop, r&b, alternative rock, and alternative metal music. A fun fact about her is that even though she learned how to rap at 17, she still didn’t listen to rap music. She gained interest in rap music later on in her early adulthood, at age 20. The real reason Baby Slvett became interested in rap and hip-hop music at 20 was so she could better understand her ability to write her own rap music. She was set to become a singer before she decided that rap was a better option for her voice at age 21.



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