D4v3on Released Another Hit Called “Moody SHiii”

March 28, 2024 0

A0159209-1D4A-4E0B-9469-9FFAEFF0387C-500x500 D4v3on Released Another Hit Called "Moody SHiii"

One of this generation best artists has released another hit called Moody SHiii artist D4v3on aka (Daveon Harris) said “This song is supposed to be a turn up in the car by yourself type vibe” Also this artist is going on his second year of ever creating music even though he’s been wanting to make music his whole life he never really got the opportunity until he became homeless and found out that the shelter he was staying in had a studio that you could record for free but the only thing was it was only 1 hr and the shelter also provided a producer but he was on a busy schedule so D4v3on could only record like once a week but never mind his walk to fame D4v3on is one of the best artist in this generation because throughout his whole career because he continues to grow and become better each and every song that we hear.

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