EB Marie: “They Can’t Compare, They Can’t Compete

March 2, 2024 0

IMG_5816 EB Marie: “They Can’t Compare, They Can’t Compete

Picsart_24-02-17_15-36-10-849-1-1 EB Marie: “They Can’t Compare, They Can’t Compete

EB Marie drops another hot single and visual titled CX4 (Can’t Compare Can’t Compete).

EB Marie continues to drop ground shaking tracks that are nothing like the typical female artist of today. When you think you will continue to hear those elementary school bars, EB Marie continues to drop dope tracks with hot metaphors and provocative lyrics. She will make you think that she is taking shots at some certain person but we read it as she is taking shots at all rappers and hip hop artists that exist. Her lyrical penmanship is that of an English college professor out to teach every aspiring artist creative writing. If you listen, she may make you think she created a whole new genre of how female rap and hip hop artists need to take connection to ‘real bars’

Her new track CX4 also has a visual with a real warm and sexy treatment. It is not too over the top, young hip hop fans may not have to cover their eyes. It features EB Marie with all white angel wings with a beautiful sub on a leash. I think we are witnessing a star’s arrival. From the last 4 visuals, her content continues to get better and better. EB Marie’s videos Star (clean version) and Can’t Lose Me Again, have reached near 1 million views on YouTube and she is streaming well on all digital streaming platforms.

EB Marie informed us that she has a full album under construction. With her lyrical versatility and ability to change styles on every song, I can imagine EB Marie coming fresh out the gate with a high volume selling album her first time out. We also hear that EB Marie can sing (yes you read that right). There is a video of her on social media blowing notes like the high wind. EB Marie is also a model. She was just walking the runway at the New York Fashion & Music Conference during New York Fashion Week 2024 for various designers.

With that said, go follow EB Marie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or just google her name and it will direct you to countless blogs and media outlets.

EB Marie is not next, she is now.

IG: @iameb_marie

EB Marie – CX4 (Can’t Compare Can’t Compete) Official Music Video

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