Gotham Media Entertainment Network Debuts New Single From Yezo Maybach

April 11, 2024 0

Screenshot-2024-04-09-110947-500x273 Gotham Media Entertainment Network Debuts New Single From Yezo Maybach

Gotham Media Entertainment Network (GMEN), the music and entertainment subsidiary of Gotham Buds, proudly announces the release of its first original single, “Back In This Bitch,” by Harlem-based rapper Yezo Maybach. The accompanying visual masterpiece, shot by Alex Schmoll, is now available on YouTube, marking Yezo Maybach’s impactful debut under the GMEN umbrella.

Yezo Maybach has seamlessly woven his life’s musical tapestry into his unique sound. The son of a record shop owner and the nephew of Harlem’s own DJ Thoro, Yezo’s journey into music was inevitable. He refers to his dad as a musical encyclopedia who could identify the original samples of most modern songs. He recalls music being omnipresent during his upbringing, and his family provided the nurturing environment that laid the foundation for his musical prowess.

“There was never another plan but music for me,” says Yezo. “I want people to feel good when they hear my songs. Music has given me so much joy and love growing up, and I aim to bring back the feel-good music of my youth.”

Dwayne White, the Head of Artist Relations at GMEN, talks about Yezo’s contribution to GMEN: “Yezo is a beacon of authenticity and talent. His dedication to his craft and his ability to infuse his personal journey into his music truly set him apart. We’re thrilled to have him join the GMEN family and look forward to supporting his artistic vision as he continues to make waves in the music industry.”

Experience the energy, passion, and undeniable talent of Yezo Maybach by tuning into “Back in This Bitch,” now available on YouTube.

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