Hurt Season: Embracing Authenticity and Artistry in “MB4Everything”

July 11, 2024 0

HURT-SEASON-COVER-6 Hurt Season: Embracing Authenticity and Artistry in "MB4Everything"

All genres of music hold a sort of enigmatic power to resonate with people despite their demographics, situations, locations, or anything else. Artists who channel the sounds we all enjoy are often revered for baring their souls, and Hurt Season is one of these performers. Coming from the center of Canada’s lively music scene, Hurt Season has solidified himself as a prodigious talent with an engrossing journey from tremendous adversity to full-on artistic triumph. His story is complex, compelling, but most of all, exceptionally relatable. Formerly known as HRT SZN, the artist has effectively reinvented himself and officially unleashed his sophomore mixtape, MB4Everything, which reveals itself as evidence of his personal growth in all avenues of music and life.

Named Nick Campbell at birth, Hurt Season comes from the culturally diverse West Coast of Canada. His unique ancestry of Indigenous Cree, Italian, and Gypsy ultimately formed a varied backdrop that worked itself into his distinct sound, crafted out of the ashes of his varied experiences. Beginning at an early age, music became a lifeline for a young Campbell, essentially granting him solace and expression in a harsh, multifaceted world. 

Deeply influenced by the artwork of legends like Jean Michel Basquiat and Rick Owens, as well as the vibrant underground rap scene of the 1990s West Coast, Hurt Seasons’ artistic imagination effectively pulls from an assortment of influences that surpass genre constraints.

Remarkably, before even turning 23 years old, Hurt Season had already caught the attention of some very well-known industry heavyweights such as rap and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg and producer David Foster. However, his early success was sadly impeded by the eerily similar personal struggles that have plagued so many greats, particularly a battle with addiction. Now, this theme echoes through his music with raw emotion, adding much depth and a commonly relatable angle to his lyrics. Candidly, the artist has opened up about his struggles in interviews, noting that these trials shaped his art artistry and his overall perspective on life and the concept of fame.

Upon finding a renewed sense of purpose, he let go of the moniker HRT SZN to fully embrace his authentic self, which ultimately resulted in the new album, MB4Everything. The new project operates as a streetlight shining that has taken the artist from the darkness to the light and, essentially, from a shack of self-doubt to a skyscraper of self-assurance. Released under his independent label, Marble Bust Entertainment, his latest mix tape is essentially a narrative arc of the artist’s emotional odyssey.

On MB4Everything, Hurt Season radiantly displays his ability to sculpt his music with personal narratives via his poetic lyricism and terribly infectious beats. The mixed tape opens a window into his soul and invites listeners to join him along a road through introspection with tracks like “darkstar” and “datreesh,” each showing his skill to shift pain into power.

Elaborating on the theme of perseverance that resides all throughout the mixtape, Hurt Season said, “‘darkstar’ is a reminder that even though you don’t see the star, you’ll still follow it,” while “datreesh” looks at the difficulties of love and loss.

Additionally, Hurt Season is a multidimensional artist whose creativity extends into fashion and visual arts. His eclectic tastes and diverse influences include everything from the soulful rhythms of Santana to the contemplative lyricism of XXXTentacion, resulting in a truly distinct style. And with MB4Everything, Hurt Season is asserting his place in the pantheon of rising musical stars for the foreseeable future. MB4Everything is available now, so stream it everywhere or visit

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