The Reign of Still Will

April 23, 2024 0

STILL-WILL-4-375x500 The Reign of Still Will

The king of the performance battle league. Currently has the throne on lock. Now, it’s time to let the world know. Growing up in north Philly wasn’t easy. Being the middle child of 6
is always hard to find their place. At the age of 14 he knew he had gifts. Mastering basketball and baseball. Playing at AAU in high school. Going pro was always on the goal list. He even went Penn State Abington. However, college wasn’t something he thought he could afford at that time. So, he went to the streets. Picked up some habits that he would later regret.

Jumping back into music. The thing he loved the most. Taking advantage of his uncles and cousins. Who both had musical background. Which would later give him his first chance to be on the stage. Not only were they blessed with talent. His siblings are musically inclined. Being in rehearsals with family members eventually paid off. Recording his first song in high school at a music program while learning from Philly legend Supreme Da Rezareka. It was only a matter of time a King was born.

He is offered known to be laid back with a calm demeanor. Quiet to some but a pimp by blood to others. Having inspirations like KRS One, Isley Brothers, Public Enemy, and loving jazz gives him a unique flare in his music. The king of the ring is also very proud to be a girl dad. Raising his beautiful princess is his main goal other than music. Still appreciates woman and mentions “they taught him how to love & respect” things. He is determined to be the best father, artist and man. Tap into his single “Pimpin Ain’t Dead” out now on all platforms. Yes, The King Has Spoken.

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