Valid shares potent release “Nine To Five” (feat. Stretch Money)

June 18, 2024 0

thumbnail_1 Valid shares potent release "Nine To Five" (feat. Stretch Money)

Detroit rappers Valid and Stretch Money, also known as “Bill & Isiah,” have joined forces once again on Valid’s latest single, “Nine to Five”. Following the success of their 2023 collaborative album, the duo brings us a captivating anthem for Summer 2024. Produced by Vuk Starinac, this track resonates with those who put in the hard work day after day while keeping their style and spirit alive.

“Nine to Five” showcases Valid and Stretch Money’s creative vision, charismatic approach, and their unique ability to infuse humor into their music. As the two trade clever verses throughout the song, listeners will find themselves captivated by the undeniable chemistry that the duo has become known for. Combined with a humorous music video that plays into the song’s themes of representing for those on their grind regardless of what it is- “Nine to Five” provides a cohesive whole package.

The track features potent and playful production, centered around memorable key riffs, punchy percussion, and rich bass, making it an infectious addition to your summer playlist. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the track’s humorous and laid-back swagger, providing a visual treat for fans.

Released on Valternativa Records, “Nine to Five” serves as another testament to the talent and ingenuity of the two Detroit mainstays. The collaboration between Valid and Stretch Money has once again proved successful in delivering an unforgettable summer anthem that speaks to the tenacity and spirit of hardworking individuals everywhere.

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