Wizz Havinn Drops “4 AM at Coffee Zone”

March 14, 2024 0

0-3 Wizz Havinn Drops "4 AM at Coffee Zone"

With a mix of sly wordplay and icy charisma, Wizz Havinn makes aspirational songs aimed to inspire anyone who wants more than the circumstances they were born into. As he raps on his breakout hit “Water Running”: “I make music that can make you get yo’ own money.” It’s a plan he reinforces for Super Wizz, a new project with agile flows and all the effortless slick talk that sent him into the spotlight. Its title is as much self-description as it is a mission; using his own special abilities, Wizz wants to give back to his community and supercharge the spirits of hustlers everywhere. Tracks like “Check Me” evoke the electricity of an artist in their element. “I overcame a lot of stuff to elevate to the next level,” he says. “I don’t feel like I’m just ’Wizz’ no more. I feel like I have super powers.” Years before he cultivated his special abilities, Wizz Havinn was born in Tallahassee, Florida. As a kid, he’d get into fights in school and in trouble with the law, all of which resulted in multiple stints in juvenile detention centers. While there, he discovered his own love of rap. By 2022, he recorded his first songs. Amid a flurry of releases like “Mr.TooSticky,” “Not Worthy,” and “Mode,” he collected hundreds of thousands of streams and status as an artist to watch. To date, the video for “Mode” rests at just under 2 million YouTube views. Looking ahead, Wizz plans to make his victory lap an extended one, with Super Wizz powering him to new frontiers of rap stardom. “I’m trying to prove that I’m really one of those ones,” he shares. “I’m not going nowhere.”

Last Thursday, March 7th, Wizz Havinn dropped a new track featuring some of Florida’s hottest rappers, Luh TylerBossMan DLowLoe Shimmy, and C Stunna.

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