SURF Music Adds Free Subscription Tier Opening Up Global Discovery to All Creators

June 19, 2024 0

69864-5._20SURF_20Logo_Gradient_20-_20logo_20only_20_1_ SURF Music Adds Free Subscription Tier Opening Up Global Discovery to All Creators

Global creators gain access to SURF’s state-of-the-art collaboration and discovery platform with freemium, as well as additional features with $5 SURF Starter tier

SURF Music is an all-in-one platform for songwriters, producers and music makers to connect, collaborate, package, pitch and sell their original unreleased music for opportunities across the global entertainment industry. SURF Music fosters borderless connections, giving songwriters, producers and music creators unprecedented access to Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese labels and A&R professionals. On the other end, Asia-based music buyers can discover, connect and collaborate with global music creators with ease, as well as explore a curated marketplace of unreleased demos using ethical AI-supported search tools.

SURF Music introduces SURF Freemium, a new level of access that invites creators around the world to peek behind the curtain of the music industry. Freemium users can explore SURF’s powerful discovery features – including collaboration opportunities on SURF Sessions through access to curated briefs – to see how they can connect and collaborate with any creator on the platform.

For the first time, aspiring creators who sign up for the free tier can join SURF’s growing network of 900 creators and 400 A&Rs across 27 countries and submit their work to project briefs for the chance to be selected to collaborate with existing SURF users like music producer Bad Milk. “Breakdown Anthem,” his most recent collaboration with SUPER☆DRAGON made possible by SURF Music, recently achieved Gold certification according to the RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan) with over 100,000 physical copies of the single sold.

“Thanks to their exceptional support and infrastructure, SURF has enabled me to place songs with artists in regions I previously couldn’t reach,” explains Bad Milk. “This experience has inspired me to focus more on the Japanese market, knowing the incredible opportunities now available there.”

Designed specifically with global collaboration in mind, SURF’s platform features genius tools like auto-translated chat, built to tear down language barriers and allow creators to meet and work with people outside of their region. SURF Sessions makes file sharing, editing, and organization so much easier than trying to manage everything in a collection of inboxes, dropboxes, and thumb drives. The Sessions package can include lyrics sheets, stems, and split sheets which are all tied to the song, so at the point of delivery, creators know they have everything they need to proceed with consideration on a placement.

Community-building and collaboration are not only pillars of SURF’s mission but are baked into the technology itself. SURF’s AI-powered auto-tagging feature evaluates and tags each work uploaded by creators to the platform. Then, based on the tags assigned to a creator’s work, SURF recommends other users who could be a good match for collaborations.

SURF Music’s state-of-the-art AI-powered playlist tool, Magic Search, scans SURF’s marketplace for songs that match any desired vibe and tone. SURF Music users simply provide a reference track via a YouTube link or a natural language search. You want a playlist of songs that sound like the Sonoran Desert under the moonlight? Type that phrase into Magic Search and receive a custom playlist of unreleased music.

With no limit to the number of collaborators on a project, SURF Sessions creates a springboard for independent artists just getting started in their music careers–empowering them to quickly accumulate tracks and build a network of collaborators.

Key features for Freemium users:

  • Ability to place one finished track on SURF Music’s exclusive marketplace
  • Discover and DM potential collaborators around the globe
  • Translation chat – real-time connections globally
  • Join existing Sessions by invitation from SURF Plus and SURF Pro users

Key features for $5 SURF Starter users:

  • Everything from SURF Freemium
  • Upload up to 20 tracks in the Library (complete w/ AI-powered auto-tagging)
  • Place 3 finished tracks on the SURF Marketplace
  • Submit to 3 Briefs/month
  • 50GB Storage on SURF Drive
  • Collaborate with other SURF users in up to 3 Active Sessions
  • Up to 5 monthly Magic Search results

Explore SURF Music’s pricing tiers at

“I look forward to seeing the platform grow and foster a vibrant community of creators. As more writers join, the number of session opportunities will increase,” says Bad Milk. “In this era, collaboration is the cornerstone of creating music with global appeal.”

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