FL Studio 2024 Adds Plugins to FL Cloud and Powerful AI Features

July 1, 2024 0

fl-studio-2024-1-500x281 FL Studio 2024 Adds Plugins to FL Cloud and Powerful AI Features

Image-Line is best known for its groundbreaking products, FL Studio and FL Studio Mobile, which have redefined music production for artists worldwide. Along with its flagship offering and the new FL Cloud, Image-Line Group includes a dynamic portfolio of music tech companies: UVI, Melda Production, W. A. Production, and Producer Loops. All are united by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. The group’s mission is to help every music creator make and share their best music by providing them with everything they need for the most fun and productive experience – from the first inspiration to sharing their music with the world. www.image-line.com

Image-Line launched FL Studio 2024, a major update introducing powerful new features that aim to provide music producers with everything they need to stay in the creative flow. To make it easier for users to stay up to date, all FL Studio updates will now be named after the year they’re released, starting with FL Studio 2024.

FL Studio is one of the world’s most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), having been at the forefront of computer music production for 25 years. FL Studio is known for its intuitive user interface, affordability, powerful features, and Lifetime Free Updates commitment, making it a favorite for millions of beginners and professional musicians alike. www.image-line.com/fl-studio

The new version expands FL Cloud with plugins, launching with 69 instruments and effects from brands like Native Instruments, UVI, and Baby Audio, which can all be managed and installed through one application. It also introduces a powerful, AI-powered music composition tool, as well as in-demand effects to FL Studio, building on recent innovative features and services for enhancing the creativity and workflow for all producers, and making it easier than ever for complete newcomers to start creating their best music. 

“It’s incredibly exciting to see more people than ever before experimenting with audio and getting into music making. With the release of FL Studio 2024, we continue to build on our mission to provide all music makers at all stages of experience with everything they need to be creative,” says Constantin Koehncke, CEO of Image-Line. “Today, I’m proud of our passionate team for delivering yet another significant update with many exciting new additions and thankful to our partners who helped us reach the major milestone of introducing plugins to FL Cloud.”

FL Cloud is a companion service for FL Studio. Built right inside the DAW. It offers up to 69 plugins from brands like Native Instruments and UVI, credit-free access to hundreds of thousands of royalty-free sounds from top labels and platinum-selling producers, unlimited use of state-of-the-art, AI-powered mastering, and distribution to every major streaming platform and download store.

FL Cloud, the all-in-one production toolkit for FL Studio, has received a major update, with the introduction of plugins alongside sounds, mastering, and music distribution. At launch, FL Cloud offers 69 instruments and effects from Native Instruments, UVI, Minimal Audio, Baby Audio, MeldaProduction, W. A. Production, and UnitedPlugins. For the first time, most of these can be installed, authorized, and updated all in one place, in seconds. Most installed plugins also appear right alongside FL Studio plugins in the Plugin Picker window. FL Cloud Plugins hugely expands the creative and mixing options for FL Studio users, while removing the stress and hassle of staying up to date with multiple plugin managers and passwords. 

Since its launch in October 2023, the FL Cloud Sounds library has doubled in size, and has been enriched with exclusive content from platinum-selling artists such as Hit-Boy and Murda Beatz, and acclaimed labels such as MSXII and Sample Tools by Cr2, with more added daily. 

FL Cloud Mastering has been enhanced to offer off a host of personalization tools, with simple controls for bass and mid EQ, brightness, warmth, and optional switches for multiband compression, low and high frequency exciters, and a stereo widening tool. Powered by AI, these new features allow users of any level to tailor their sound, safe in the knowledge that their masters will remain release-ready no matter which options they select.

FL Cloud is now available in three tiers – Plus, Pro, and Free – with each tier benefiting from the addition of plugins. All existing FL Cloud subscribers are now upgraded automatically to FL Cloud Plus, at no extra cost. FL Cloud Plus subscribers get 18 plugins, a library of hundreds of thousands of sounds, mastering with 14 genre presets and customization controls, plus distribution to all major streaming platforms, in partnership with DistroKid. Pro subscribers get all the benefits of Plus with an additional 51 plugins, for a  total of 69. Users of FL Cloud Free – available to all FL Studio owners and FL Studio Trial users – get 10 plugins, a curated library of 15,000 sounds, and AI-powered mastering with a default preset. 

There is an introductory offer of $99.99 for 12 months of FL Cloud Pro, and all existing monthly and annual FL Cloud subscribers have been upgraded to FL Cloud Plus at no extra cost. In addition, there is a new rewards scheme for annual subscribers, providing an annual reward voucher of €100 to FL Cloud Pro users and €50 to FL Cloud Plus users. The reward voucher can be redeemed for effects, instruments, presets, and more, at the stores of UVI, MeldaProduction, W. A. Production, and UnitedPlugins.

FL Studio 2024 introduces the transformative new Chord Progression Tool. Powered by AI, and perfect for beginners and trained musicians alike, this inspirational tool offers the most powerful and versatile music composition tool available in any DAW. With simple-to-use controls, this intelligent feature can operate in a number of ways, from creating entirely new progressions with genre and mood prompts to suggesting complete backing accompaniments based on a single, simple riff or bassline. With additional controls for variations, adjusting the level of complexity of progressions, and more, Chord Progression Tool ensures that every FL Studio user can now create inspirational chord progressions.

FL Studio 2024 also introduces Note Repeat. Available in both the Piano Roll and Channel Rack step sequencer, this feature allows users to trigger fast percussion rolls, stutters, and more, instantly, without needing to draw in MIDI notes, saving time, and allowing much more versatility. 

FL Studio 2024 All Plugins Edition owners get a brand new synth, Kepler Exo. Taking inspiration from two all-time-classic analog synths from the 1980s, it adds a host of future-thinking enhancements such as a second DCO oscillator with hard sync, oscillator FM, dedicated Filter FM, an additional LFO, a 16-slot modulation matrix, and five built in effects. It also features an iconic vintage chorus effect.

The FL Studio 2024 update also brings two new effects plugins. Low Lifter (Signature Bundle and All Plugins Edition) analyzes the signal and creates custom harmonics from sub and low bass frequencies, allowing them to be perceived even on phones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, and other common playback systems that aren’t physically capable of producing those low frequencies. Spreader (Producer Edition and above) is a simple but powerful stereo widening tool. This much-requested device allows powerful stereo widening while ensuring mono compatibility, making it suitable for a wide range of signals, from bass leads to master channels, without unwanted phasing and bass cancellation. 

Other improvements include support for the CLAP (CLever Audio Plug-in) format, plus new AI-driven tools for Edison. Edison’s Declipper tool includes two new modes: Voice (for vocals) and General (for music). Edison users can now remove noise or vocals from a track using a specialized version of the AI-powered Stem Separation feature. Plus, the Make Unique workflow has been greatly enhanced with some highly-requested keyboard-and-mouse shortcuts.

FL Studio 2024 is available from today as a free update for existing FL Studio customers, as part of Image-Line’s Lifetime Free Updates policy. 

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