Park Avenue Artists and Digital Art Pioneer Voidz Open Unreality Co. A New Mixed Reality Studio

July 1, 2024 0

LeafHQwithnobackground-500x474 Park Avenue Artists and Digital Art Pioneer Voidz Open Unreality Co. A New Mixed Reality Studio

With an unmistakable style that merges the mundane with the surreal, Voidz has established himself as a pioneer in the emerging mixed-reality art movement. His works have been viewed hundreds of millions of times and lead to collaborations with a number of other high-profile artists and companies.

Park Avenue Artists is a company of wide-ranging individuals, tastes, and artistic pursuits. From managing GRAMMY and EMMY award-winning artists, to creating virtual instrument software, they extend artist management, production, and intellectual property beyond their traditional scope.

Mixed reality—experiences that blend real-life with digital images and sound—can turn the familiar into the breathtaking. As mixed reality becomes a sought-after form of storytelling, new players are leaping to fill the gap between digital artists who know how to execute these complex projects and brands eager for impact.

That’s why innovative artist agency Park Avenue Artists has joined forces with Voidz, one of the biggest names in mixed reality, to form Unreality Co. ( Unreality Co. will help clients develop a basic concept or idea for an experience or campaign into a full-blown mixed reality experience, guided directly by artists.

Voidz, whose work was chosen by Intel for their eagerly anticipated Encore AI exhibit in Toronto, has set the standard for mixed-reality works that mash up the everyday and the epic, the whimsical and the unnerving. His art has garnered collaborations with brands including BurberryNike,  L’Oreal, and Lenovo. Unreality Co. will draw on PAA’s entertainment industry savvy and tastemaking reputation, while applying all that Voidz has learned as an in-demand digital artist. Having an artist at the helm will ensure studio clients’ ideas leap to the next level in this new medium.

While PAA has a long-standing reputation for its award-winning artists and music-based initiatives, “Music doesn’t exist in a vacuum; in every creative space, it’s woven together with other media to cultivate a multi-dimensional experience,” explains PAA co-president Ross Michaels. “By embracing this in-house, PAA has the opportunity to foster a more robust creative product. This complements our extensive background in production, whether it’s Grammy-winning projects, Emmy-winning TV specials, or building software instruments and is another way we can continue to put artists first.”

“As a leader in the mixed-reality space for many years now, it’s been exhilarating for me to watch it rise as a compelling and distinctive storytelling medium for brands. With mixed reality leading the charge in creative advertising, the future is full of exciting opportunities,” explains Voidz. “Unreality Co. was born out of a need for formal structure to tackle the growing demand for our mixed reality visuals. Brands were knocking on our doors, and we needed a dedicated commercial wing to handle the influx. Essentially, this is the business side of my mixed reality art venture.”

“Voidz is the preeminent artist in the mixed reality space. By having him at the creative helm of this new agency, we’ll be able to bring his work to more brands and into more spaces,” says PAA co-president David Lai. “Together, we are excited to create this agency to develop a robust platform for Voidz and the exciting new artists he wants to introduce to this new medium.”

Voidz – Mixed Reality Artist – Reel 2023 from VoidzTO on Vimeo.

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