Ebro Darden Resigns As Hot 97 Program Director

March 14, 2014 0

EBRO-DARDEN Ebro Darden Resigns As Hot 97 Program Director

All good things must come to an end at it is being reported that Ebro Darden’s tenure as Hot 97’s program director has reached its conclusion. In recent months Ebro’s profile has risen as he’s become an on-air personality for the station, a position that he will keep. He will also remain the active PD until a suitable replacement can be found.

Hot 97 will move into television later on this month with the debut it’s reality show, This Is Hot 97, on Vh1. Darden confirmed via Twitter that his choice to step down as PD was influenced by his involvement on the show.

When asked by a Twitter user why there was a job posting for his position, Darden divulged the details. “yea man… Can’t do everything forever. Gotta choose… Creative or Corporate… Which one u pick?,” Darden tweeted. “They was like so wait, u got mornings and now TV? How u gone do spread sheets, conference calls & meetings…? Pick Ebro…” said Ebro regarding Emmis Communications, the parent company of Hot 97.

Darden went into further detail in an official statement, first reported by All Access: “”Fortunately, I have had tremendous success doing both on-air and PD roles, and EMMIS let me choose where I would be happiest.  Mornings, TV and assisting in programming makes sense with everything HOT 97 and I have happening today, so I chose creative over corporate.  See you all at 5a tomorrow.”

You can catch the season premiere of This Is Hot 97 when it hits airwaves Monday, March 3st at 10:30pm ET on Vh1.

Peep the tweets and have a gander at the trailer for This Is Hot 97 below.




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