Joey Jihad Details His Prison/ Boot Camp Experience, What He Has Learned From It & More (Part 1) (Video)

June 18, 2015 1

joey-jihad-details-his-prison-boot-camp-experience-what-he-has-learned-from-it-more-part-1-video-HHS1987-2015 Joey Jihad Details His Prison/ Boot Camp Experience, What He Has Learned From It & More (Part 1) (Video)

Joey Jihad is fresh home from prison, and sits down with HHS1987 for an exclusive two-part interview. In part one, Joey Jihad details his entire jail experience. He opens up about getting his GED in nine days, the court discussion between him and the judge, deciding to do boot camp so he could be home sooner, and more. Joey Jihad explains that he had to cut off his dread locks, facial hair and more just to start boot camp. He explains that he was trying to stay under the radar, but eventually word got out that this bald-headed guy was Philly rapper Joey Jihad. He said he rapped once up Camp Hill, and shut it down. It was to the point he got cell restriction because of the crowd gathered around him to hear him spit. Haddy did let us know that he never read so much in his life. He read books from Philly author Jimmy DaSaint, and much more.

He detailed what he learned from his jail experience. He said he though prison had all the real niggas, and he quickly learned there are a lot of weird niggas in jail. He learned that getting someone killed in jail is as simple as putting money on their jpay (aka books), or even for some food.

When it comes to his music this go around, Haddy mentioned he has always been on the run for the duration of his career. So he was not quite able to give rap 110% being as though he was on the run for years. He details more about his music plans in part two of our exclusive interview dropping tomorrow.

This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s B. Wyche and shot by Rick Dange.

Checkout part two below.

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