Lihtz Kamraz Talks Acting on “Empire” & Working with Terrence Howard, New Music, & More with HHS1987

September 13, 2016 0


Lihtz Kamraz is a musician and actor from Philadelphia that has been consistently making moves for the last year. You may not know his name but you definitely saw him acting in numerous episodes of Fox’s hit TV show “Empire”. In this exclusive interview Lihtz breaks down how he was actually casted for his role. Lihtz plays the brother of Freda Gats on the show and is looking to continue his progress with his acting career aswell as his music career. Lihtz talks about different things he learned from working with Terrance Howard and Taraji Henson.
As a musician, Lihtz Kamraz has been featured on songs with almost all the big names out of Philly, but he’s not ready to slow down at all. He talks about his love for music and how he makes sure he doesn’t sound like anybody else by not listening to other artists music at all. He also talks about his upcoming mixtape called “The Switch Up” and much more!
This interview was conducted by HHS1987’s own E-Money and shot by HHS1987’s own Rick Dange.

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