Pharrell Williams Opens Up About Raising Twins On “The Tonight Show!”

June 27, 2017 0

Yes, a Despicable Me 3 is on its way! And of course, the musical genius that is Pharrell Williams, will be on the tracklist for the movie’s soundtrack – “Yellow Light” and “There’s Something Special.” And speaking of THREE, Pharrell also briefly talked about his newborn triplets. He even opened up about his love for his wife, Helen Lasichanh – especially after pushing out not one, not two, but three babies – or should we call them “blessings?” 

“My wife is everything. I love you baby. She’s the best.

As for the babies? He added, “They harmonize when they cry. it’s real. Chain reaction is a real thing in our house. One cries. Two cries. Three cries.”

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