Lil Wayne gets ESPN tattoo

February 21, 2009 0


lil Lil Wayne gets ESPN tattoo

Lil Wayne x ESPN. Wayne has been loving his recent gigs on ESPN so much that he decided to tattoo the ESPN logo on his arm. Lil Wayne states directly from his ESPN blog:

I’ve been telling people, “Man I got a blog on ESPN,” and they go, “Yeah, boy, but you’re latest song is crazy!” and I’m like, “I know, but did you see my blog?” I am so excited to have this opportunity. You don’t understand. I got ESPN tattooed on my arm. I’ve had it for at least three months now, so that should show you how seriously I’m gonna take this. I know some people out there don’t think it’s really me, but you have to prove a lot of things when you’re an entertainer, so I’m used to it.



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