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January 21, 2011 0

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Self Love By Tone Trump

I’m a fan inspired by a lot of Philly artists. But if I have to pick my favorite rapper, I am going with … me. Yeah, ME! I’m Muslim. I’m God-fearing and humble, but when it comes to my music and brand, I’m feeling myself right now. I’m working my ass off to take it to levels most artists don’t believe are possible.

In 2010, I was blessed to see my hard work pay off, and it’s a special feeling to win in a game most lose and most want to see you lose!

So here’s how I’m winning: I co-hosted “Philly Day” on MTV Jams, where my video “Wifey” debuted. I was on the cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine . I’ve been featured in a number of national magazines including a three-page spread in Urban Ink, and was named “Philly’s Next to blow” by Hip-Hop Weekly.

I have music spinning on Power 99 and 100.3 The Beat, and daily spins on New York’s Hot 97. DJ KaySlay broke my last six records. Funkmaster Flex is not only playing my music, but last month he personally asked me to perform at his website’s launch party, which supports my music and videos. And speaking of my videos, they’re featured on hip-hop’s number one site, Worldstarhiphop.com, gaining me millions of views. Just part of the reason DJ Cosmic Kev called me, “The King of the Internet.” I work very hard; even those who HATE on me will tell you that! At a sold-out event at BB Kings in N.Y.C. I won “Most Exciting Artist of the Year” at the Underground Music Awards. My Umi (mother) put the trophy next to my five Philly Hip-Hop Awards.

My goal is to make history, millions of dollars, and create opportunities through my music, movies and books. I’m making sure when people talk Philly, they’ll have to say TONE TRUMP! #letswin!

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