Pryor set for Supplemental Draft via (@eldorado2452)

August 18, 2011 0

Pryor-2 Pryor set for Supplemental Draft via (@eldorado2452)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL league officials have declared former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor eligible for the upcoming Monday NFL supplemental draft but there is a huge catch. Although Pryor can be drafted he will not be able to play or practice with his new team until after week 5 of the 2011 season.

Pryor has had a rough few months after the NCAA and Buckeye nation suspended Pryor due to accepting improper benefits, mainly tattoos, cars and money. Pryor was facing a possible 5 game suspension at OSU and as the scandal heated up and Pryor former Coach Jim Tressel was forced to resign. Pryor felt he had no other choice bur to leave Ohio State and enter the NFL.

So with all the madness surrounding Terrelle he added to the fire by hiring agent Drew Rosenhaus and trying to find a way to enter the league and his wish has been granted. Pryor will have a Pro day this Saturday in Pittsburgh, PA and is expected to be selected in the later rounds of the draft. Pryor who is OSU’s all-time leading rusher among quarterbacks and who tied a school record with 57 passing touchdowns is receiving alot of interest from the Bills, Colts, Dolphins, Redskins and Bucs.

Even with the decision to allow Pryor into the draft there is alot being made that in a sense he will still serve the 5 game suspension he would have served at Ohio State. Is this fair to Terrelle? What type of statement does this make? The NFL will have it’s little brother the NCAA’s back. This is almost a slap in the face if you ask me. Should the NFL be allowed to enforce a rule that is not in it’s own rule book? I guess Commissioner Goodell believes so!

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