Too Much Hype?: Tony Romo’s recent praise via (@eldorado2452)

September 20, 2011 0

Tony-Romo Too Much Hype?: Tony Romo's recent praise via (@eldorado2452)



Recently Dallas Cowboys high profile QB Tony Romo has been under the microscope. Some say being the QB of the Cowboys is one of the toughest jobs in pro sports. I say is the most overrated job in sports but hey who am I to judge?

After a heartbreaking week one lost to the Rex Ryan lead New York Jets and a very questionable fourth quarter interception, the media was destroying Romo’s legacy and his toughest though out four quarters. Rightfully so in my opinion. Let’s not forget Romo has had a series of bonehead mistakes in critical situations with all lead to loses for the Cowboys organization.

Romo surprised the football world this past Sunday after suffering a cracked rib and punctured lung against the San Francisco 49ers and after exiting the game due to those injuries reinserting himself back into play and leading his team to victory. I must say I tip my hat to Tony for his superman like effort but I think the media is giving Romo too much praise. Let’s not forget the 49ers aren’t a good team.  Although I believe San Fran is headed in the right direction they are a very young team with a horrible secondary. Horrible.

With Romo’s heroics, the Cowboys are 1-1 with alot of football remaining to be played. Is this too much praise to a guy who’s resume proves his true colors with show again? I think so. Let’s watch Romo over the next month as after a Monday night showdown with the Washington Redskins have a very tough schedule. Was Romo’s act one of legend or a fluke against a bad team? Only time will tell.

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