Christian’Dee (@ChristianDeeLA) – Society’s Lullaby (Prod. by @ChristianDeeLA)

October 14, 2012 0

christiandee-society Christian'Dee (@ChristianDeeLA) - Society's Lullaby (Prod. by @ChristianDeeLA)

Christian’Dee came across my radar a few days ago and I finally had a chance to check out some of my mans material. His latest joint Cali’ Dreamin has been buzzing around the internet since it dropped… as it should, but Society’s Lullaby really caught my attention. Giving us a dose of some real life shit, Cristian’Dee landed himself a spot in #TheComeUp for this week. Be on the look out for his upcoming project  SHVPXRT October 29th — #NoGimmicks

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