Thaddeous Shade (@ThaddShade) – I Tried To Tell em’ (WestCoastComeUp) via @ElevatorMann

September 30, 2012 0

thaddshade Thaddeous Shade (@ThaddShade) - I Tried To Tell em' (WestCoastComeUp) via @ElevatorMann

Thaddeous Shade will be the third highlighted artist for the West Coast Come Up this week. The Phoenix, AZ producer/MC has been dabbling around the industry over the past decade. Having a knack for music, Thad Shade handles the production and writing for most if not all his material. There are still only a handle full of artist in the industry that can do that at the highest level and in my opinion sir Thaddeus Shade is right on their heels. I remember Shade telling me a story about the time him and Swizz Beats went to work in the studio. He said that day changed his life and the knowledge Swizz dropped in his ear was priceless. We may have to come back and have Shade talk to us about that, but in the meantime check one of his new joint I Tried To Tell Em’.

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