Ain’t This Some Bull: D.Rose Willing To Miss Entire Year

October 11, 2012 0

derrickrose Ain't This Some Bull: D.Rose Willing To Miss Entire Year

As a fan of the NBA nothing was pleasant about seeing Chicago Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose injury his knee in the first round of the eastern conference playoffs last year and limp of the court. So of course the recent news that Rose may sit out the entire 2012-13 season is even more disappointing.

Many doctors and former NBA players have suggested Rose sit out the season and rehab correctly to avoid further damage and as of late Rose is starting to consider that option.

Rose stated: “Everybody has their own opinions. When the time comes I just have to be ready and prove to the people here that I am ready to play. Who knows when that time is? If it’s all year I might wait the whole year, so what? If I come back at the All-Star break so what? If anything, I think I’ve learned it’s going to help me with my patience. I think I’m way more patient.”

Rose can certainly recover and continue the path of becoming a hall of fame player but his ability to slash to the basket will remain to be seen and that is a huge part of his game. Whether Rose will ride the bench the entire here or not I hope this young man recovers and continues entertaining NBA lovers and carrying the city of Chicago of his shoulders as he so proudly does.


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