Will Space Jam 2 Star Lebron James?

August 28, 2012 0

images10 Will Space Jam 2 Star Lebron James?

As if we need another reason for people to create the debate of Lebron vs. Jordan. Coming off one of the greatest single years in NBA history winning the 2012 NBA MVP award, NBA Finals MVP, his first NBA championship and a Gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics Lebron James recently sent out a tweet on how he would love to make Space Jam 2.

images-11 Will Space Jam 2 Star Lebron James?

After one of LBJ fans asked him  via Twitter his feeling of the movie Space Jam he quickly replied “I Love that movie, wish I could do Space Jam 2”. I guess only time will tell to see if Spike Lee or Michael Bay pick up the script and call Lebron and Bugs Bunny for part 2 but I could actually like to see that. Just image the 3D version of Space Jam 2 and the $500 3d Space Jam Lebron X’s Nike would design. I can see Miami Heat fans of all ages rounding the kids up and picking movie theaters like children in a candy store. Either way LBJ and the Looney Tunes crew together would be a sight to see.

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