Treie (@ask_her_she_kno) – Hella Molly (Prod. By @POINTGUARDENT)

June 25, 2013 1

a728f1862c69d46521792e367c307105 Treie (@ask_her_she_kno) - Hella Molly (Prod. By @POINTGUARDENT)


A new single by Treie! Hella Molly..

Ok… to be honest, I can’t stand molly.  I can’t stand hearing songs about molly.  I can’t stand kids talking about molly…  But call me a hypocrite today, because this song is hot.  The production by PointGuard(..of 1500 Or Nothin) has that Cali flavor to it.. The hook is addictive.. “Party with me bitch.. Party-Party with me bitch.”  This is just an all around party song for kids who like to smash beer cans on their forehead, girls that like to flash boobs for beads…all in all, folks who party hard.  Enjoy.

Download CLEAN: HERE

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