Nipsey Hussle Talks “Victory Lap” Album in 2014, His Ideal Deal, Top Indie Labels & more (Video)

November 6, 2013 0

HHS1987’s own BWyche catches up with Nipsey Hussle for an exclusive interview. In part 3 Nipsey talks about his ideal record deal, knowing the number he wants, the structure he wants and etc. He talks about being comfortable being Indie, and not trying to make songs he don’t believe in to gain more exposure and etc. Nipsey takes us to school and breaks down the top 3 independent labels right now, the difference in the indie grind by regions (West Coast, South, and the East Coast). Nipsey ends this 3 part interview by talking about his “Victory Lap” album, artists he would like to work with and more. This video was shot by HHS1987’s Rick Dange.

Nipsey talks about his Crenshaw mixtape in part 1 of this HHS1987 interview below

Nipsey talks Proud2Pay, Marathon Marketing company in part 2 of this HHS1987 interview below

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