Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 2 Episode 10) (Full Video)

July 2, 2013 0

love-hip-hop-atlanta-season-2-episode-10-full-video-HHS1987-2013 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 2 Episode 10) (Full Video)

Mimi meets with K.Michelle to discuss their previous fights and after all is said and done, the two decide to make up and be friends again. Traci, Karlie, and Erica throw Rasheeda a baby shower and the girls discuss cheating men, pregnancies, and relationships. After meeting Traci’s new boyfriend, Drew talks to Traci about dating men and how they should give their relationship another try. After an emotional moment with Momma Dee and Erica, Scrappy decides to turn himself in and go to jail. Joseline talks to Stevie J about wanting to be known as his main lady and how other people’s opinions bother her. While in the hot tub with Benzino and some lady friends, Kirk uses his “free pass” which leads to trouble.

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