Empire Season 2 Episode 2 (Recap)

October 1, 2015 0

empire01f-1-web-500x334 Empire Season 2 Episode 2 (Recap)

We’re only in the second episode of FOX’s hit series ‘Empire’ and things are certainly heating up! In the season premiere, we opened up to a “#FreeLucious” benefit concert where Cookie & the Lyons brothers, along with a few Empire artists (& Swizz Beatz) rocked the city out as they all chanted “Free Lucious”.

The Lyons family bread-winner is behind bars for the murder of Bunky, which took place early in season 1. With Lucious currently behind bars & Jamal in charge of the company, things are more shaky than ever amongst the family.

At the end of season 1, Lucious was approached by the city’s prosecutor, who apparently has clout that could make his life a living hell. She assured Lucious that she could, and would do just that if he didn’t agree to plead guilty to the murder charges. Now, in episode 2, she’s showing him that her word is indeed bond.

Outside of the prison gates, Cookie, Hakeem, & Andre are plotting on their own record company, since Jamal fired all 3 of them from Empire for “betraying Lucious” with their attempt of a hostile takeover of the company. Cookie pulled a few heavy-hitting artists from “the Lyons Den” & brought them with her to her hole-in-the-wall recording studio where she intends to start her label, “The Lyons Dynasty”.

Hakeem & Jamal are still at odds about his album, but after a talk with Lucious, Jamal decides he wants Hakeem back at the Empire. Hakeem wants to create his own girl group, he isn’t interested in returning to Empire, so he pulls a slick move without consent from anyone & leaked his album to the internet. This serves as basis enough for Andre to realize that this isn’t what he wants to do, he wants to return to Empire, but Lucious isn’t having that.

While Jamal & Lucious were having a meeting during visitation, a sly lawyer introduces himself & lets them know that he may be what they need to get Lucious out of jail. The prosecutor who vowed herself to bring Lucious to ruins is doing a good job at doing so by having his medication taken away from him & using one of her correction officer minions, whom of which is played by Ludacris, make life harder for Lucious even with him being in jail already. The lawyer plays just as dirty as the prosecutor & uses excessive force to get Lucious a bail hearing.. and released from prison.

As previously stated, we’re only in episode 2 of the new season & it’s already getting heavy. Episode 2 had a few guest appearances made by Ludacris & Kelly Rowland. Lucious recorded a track in jail which features vocals from Petey Pablo, who we already knew would be apart of this season. The big question at hand now is simple: What’s about to happen next? We’ll all be tuned in next Wednesday to see Lucious Lyons walk out of those prison gates. The anticipation just keeps getting realer!

Side note: WHY do Ludacris & Terrence Howard beef in EVERY movie/show/etc. they play in together? Ha!

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