Jill Scott & Lauren London Will Star In New FX Pilot “SnowFall”

August 20, 2015 0

Screen-Shot-2015-08-20-at-6.00.46-PM-483x500 Jill Scott & Lauren London Will Star In New FX Pilot "SnowFall"


John Singleton, American director/screenwriter famously known for his works including Boyz N The Hood, Baby Boy, Poetic Justice, Hustle & Flow, & more, has done it again.

The Los Angeles based visionary will be bringing an all new FX Pilot to television soon, & has recruited Jill Scott & Lauren London to play 2 lead roles. The Pilot is entitled Snowfall will focus on the beginning of the cocaine era in the city of LA, which occurred in the ’80s. The story will unfold with 3 different perspectives & narrators.

Jill Scott is set to play the role of Sharon “Cissy” Saint, the mother who plays NO games when it comes to her son Franklin, who will be played by Damson Idris. Lauren London with a role of complete opposition will play Louise Saint, the auntie who likes to party all the time. Typical.

The crack/cocaine era is one that is often mentioned within the culture, especially within the music. With this all-star cast, the drama series is sure to be a hit. Maybe Empire & Power will have another runner-up in competition. Stay tuned for more details as they surface!

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